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Afternoon Tea Cheltenham


Revival Cafe Bar & Grill Cheltenham is the perfect place for an afternoon tea. The cafe is ideally located right in the town centre just off the high street. Revival makes the perfect setting for an afternoon tea where customers can enjoy meeting friends. Stop by for a cup of tea or coffee during your afternoon shop. Or perhaps you want to just give in to your sweet tooth! All Revival’s cakes are homemade and are well worth giving into temptation! You will be spoilt for choice with the variety of scones, cream teas, pastries, sponge cakes, flapjacks and apple pies. We even have a 100% vegan flapjack on the menu.

Visit us for homemade cakes and organic tea and coffees at Revival Cheltenham


We stock organic teas and coffees including Clipper Tea and Rijo Coffee. These great drinks bring a variety of flavours and rich tastes.

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The History of Tea

When we hear about the drink tea, it is often assumed of being a British drink. It is true that us Brits have been drinking it for over 350 years, however its history goes much further back.

Tea is believed to have originated from China. It has been said that in 2737 BC, Chinese emperor and renowned herbalist Shen Nung was sitting underneath a tree as his servant was boiling water for drinking. During this time some leaves from a tree, Camellina sinensis, accidentally blew into the water. Nung decided to try the infusion – resulting in the drink that we now all tea. It is impossible to know the authenticity of this story. However, tea drinking was certainly popular in China many centuries (618-906 AD) before we in the West had ever come to know of it. Tea was soon to be known as the national drink of China. Shortly after, Japanese Buddhist monks who came to China to study discovered the drink and introduced it to Japan.


Tea in Europe

It isn’t until the latter half of the 16th century that we hear of brief mentions of tea among Europeans in history. These are predominantly from Portuguese who were living in the East as missionaries and traders. Although the Portuguese may have bought back samples of the drink to Europe, it was actually the Dutch who shipped back tea in bulk. It was in the year 1606 that the first consignment of tea was transported from China to Holland. Tea quickly became a very popular drink among the Dutch people, however due to its high price it mostly available to the wealthy.


Tea in Britain

In the 17th century, British East India Company had vast amounts of various goods being imported outside Europe. It is likely that sailors on these ships bought tea home to Britain as gifts. The first known reference to tea in this country comes from an advertisement in a local London newspaper in September 1658 called Mercurius Politicus. The advert announced that a Chinese drink called by the Chinese ‘Tcha’, or by other Nations ‘Tay alisas Tee’ was available at a coffee house in the city. At this point, the drink was still somewhat of a curiosity to the general public. The marriage of Charles II and Catherine of Braganza would soon prove to be a turning point of teas’ history in Britain.

Catherine was a Portuguese princess who was addicted to tea. It was her love of the drink that set tea as a fashionable beverage among the wealthy in Britain. The East India company took advantage of this and began to import tea into Britain – the first order was placed in 1664 for 100lbs of tea.


Modern Tea Drinking

For us these days it is hard to imaging drinking tea out of a bag. The tea bag wasn’t invented until the early 20th century in America. Sales of the tea bag took off in Britain in the 1970s.


Afternoon Tea

A great tradition that we Brits enjoy today is an afternoon tea. Sitting down with a cuppa and a cake with a friend is a great time to relax and catch up. Pop in to see us at Revival Cafe Bar & Grill Cheltenham and enjoy your favourite brew with one of our home-made cakes!